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Heiko Dimmerling

Global Chief Executive Officer at nexaya

• Investment Management
• Operational Excellence
• Business Development
• Internationalisation Strategies
• Executive and Non-Executive Board Member

25+ Years of Experience in investing, scaling and supporting Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds portfolio companies on an international level and serial entrepreneur

Prior to joining nexaya and alpyna, Heiko was Chief Financial Officer at Target Global a leading European Venture Capital Firm investing in transformational technology.


He has an extensive background in private equity, venture capital, finance, non-executive board, and consulting. He has held senior positions in several leading firms in these industries including HQ Capital and Triton.


As a serial entrepreneur he co-founded Alina a FinTech company specialising in digital and management services & solutions, BatchOne a high tech company helping startups and big businesses to design, engineer, manufacture, and sell breakthrough hardware products as well as DIMension & Company, a consulting firm that works with organisations across industries to build new ventures, support human capital and technology in transformational processes, and accelerate organisational change.